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Trend Alert: Statement-Making Abstract Rugs


Trend Alert: Statement-Making Abstract Rugs

March 22, 2019

Noticed of late—colorful rugs that look like they belong in an exhibit of abstract art. Here are a few we spotted and approve of:

cold picnic hit it big with the now ubiquitous &#8\2\20;boobs&#8\2\2\1; 12
Above: Cold Picnic hit it big with the now-ubiquitous “Boobs” bath mat a few year ago, and since then they’ve expanded to eye-catching abstract rugs that feature refreshingly retro palettes. Their hand-tufted wool Salt Flats Rug starts at $135 for the 2×3.
minna, based in hudson, new york, partners with artisans to create ethically ma 13
Above: Minna, based in Hudson, New York, partners with artisans to create ethically made goods for the home. Their  wool shag Moon Rug was handwoven by artisans in a Guatemalan co-op; from $255 for the 2×3.
karu&#8\2\17;s &#8\2\20;still life with cup&#8\2\2\1; mohair rug st 14
Above: Karu’s “Still Life with Cup” Mohair Rug starts at $880 for the 3×5. From the website: “A collaboration with South African rug producer Frances Van Hasselt, each piece is made within a local and ethical South African supply chain that begins at the Van Hasselt family farm in Prince Albert where the Angora goats are shorn for the raw mohair fibre, which is then hand spun and woven by skilled artisans in the Eastern Cape.”
beni rugs&#8\2\17;s rothko rug is an homage to the artist&#8\2\17;s &am 15
Above: Beni Rugs’s Rothko Rug is an homage to the artist’s “Blue and Grey” painting. The wool rug starts at $745 for the 4×6.
studio proba&#8\2\17;s day \1083 rug is part of its poster a day rug line,  16
Above: Studio Proba’s Day 1083 Rug is part of its Poster a Day Rug line, which is designed in Brooklyn and hand-made in India; from $765 for the 3×5.
west elm&#8\2\17;s abstract shapes rug is based on a watercolor painting by 17
Above: West Elm’s Abstract Shapes Rug is based on a watercolor painting by Sade Studio. Hand-made in Guatemala, the wool and cotton 5×7 rug is currently on sale for $349.99.
tantuvi&#8\2\17;s made to order, hand woven cotton kulfi rose dhurrie is ma 18
Above: Tantuvi’s made-to-order, hand-woven cotton Kulfi Rose Dhurrie is made by artisans in Rajasthan, India; from $216 for the 2×3.
marrakesh based lrnce&#8\2\17;s asma beni ouarain rug is hand made by  19
Above: Marrakesh-based Lrnce’s Asma Beni Ouarain Rug is hand-made by four Moroccan women; 1250€ for a 5×8.

For more stylish rugs, see:

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Frequently asked questions

What are abstract rugs?

Abstract rugs are a type of decorative floor covering that feature non-representational designs, patterns, or textures. They are often used to add visual interest and contemporary style to a room.

What materials are abstract rugs made of?

Abstract rugs can be made from a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester. Some may also include other materials such as jute or viscose.

What styles of decor do abstract rugs work with?

Abstract rugs can work well with a variety of decor styles, including contemporary, modern, eclectic, and minimalist. They can also be used to add a pop of color or texture to more traditional or transitional spaces.

How do I choose the right abstract rug for my space?

When choosing an abstract rug, consider factors such as the colors, textures, and patterns in your existing decor. Look for a rug that complements these elements while also adding visual interest and dimension to the space. Consider the size of the room and the rug, as well as the shape and placement of your furniture.

How do I care for an abstract rug?

Care for an abstract rug depends on the material it is made of. In general, they should be vacuumed regularly to prevent dirt and dust buildup. Blot spills immediately to prevent stains, and have it professionally cleaned periodically for deep cleaning. Follow the manufacturer's care instructions for specific information on caring for your rug.

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