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Quick Takes With: Spencer Fung


Quick Takes With: Spencer Fung

June 2, 2024
spencer fung portrait by sarah weal 17

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“My work is all about work in process,” Spencer Fung told us over a cup of coffee a few years back. “Stop: Don’t cover it up. It’s so beautiful, with shadow and light.”

The self-described naturalistic architect, artist, and furniture designer begins and ends with the land, whether he’s painting or designing a home, an English pub, or a spa. And that means making the natural world—and all its textures, materials, and imperfections—evident in everything he does: think hand-hewn wood, collected stones, plaster that shows the trail of the hands that applied it. Spencer takes the same approach in his art: “I make abstract paintings with local natural pigments that I collect, like local clay, minerals, and foraged plant inks,” he says. “This is my way to connect to the land and the landscape. I hope to raise awareness to restore our fragile nature.”

Today, the Hong Kong-born, London-based architect/artist shares the book on his bedside table, go-to sheets, and the three things he never leaves the house without…

a glimpse of spencer&#8\2\17;s art (this from his \20\20 show &#8\2\20; 28
Above: A glimpse of Spencer’s art (this from his 2020 show “Hidden Lines”).

You’re invited to dinner. What are you bringing?

A homemade jar of seasonal pesto or chutney and a bottle of our foraged elderflower cordial.

What’s on your bedside table?

A large black pebble that I hand polished.

What’s your desert island design/art/architecture-related book?

Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees by Roger Deakin.

What playlist do you put on when you need inspiration?

Cesária Évora and Verdi.

What’s a film or TV show whose aesthetic has stuck with you?

All nature programs by David Attenborough, my hero.

collected finds in spencer&#8\2\17;s london home (see: slow architecture: a 29
Above: Collected finds in Spencer’s London home (see: Slow Architecture: An Elegant, Monochrome Home in London by Spencer Fung.) Photograph by Richard Powers.

Which Instagram account do you go to for design inspiration?


My favorite sheets are…

Vintage linen.

My favorite paint color for the bedroom is…

Natural hand-polished plaster in a bone color.

First design love?

All sculptures and sketches by Henry Moore. He lived locally in Hampstead, London.

Quick Takes With Spencer Fung portrait 7 30
Above: Spencer’s work.

Three words that describe my design style:

Natural, simple, local.

Favorite design shop to visit (online or in person)?

Christopher Farr.

What is the last thing you purchased for your house?

A hedging plant for the garden.

I don’t leave the house without…

My sketchbook, graphite, and pencils.

Thank you, Spencer! Follow his work via Spencer Fung Architects and on Instagram @spencerfung_architects and @spencerfung_art. You can also see his exhibit of paintings, “Regeneration”, with works created in the aftermath of forest fires, at Ralph Pucci in NYC; and a launch of three new rugs coming up at the Christopher Farr Chelsea Showroom in London.

N.B.: Featured photograph by Sarah Weal.

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