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A Sympathetic Renovation in Stoke Newington, London


A Sympathetic Renovation in Stoke Newington, London

December 2, 2015

London-based interior designer Mark Lewis was given free rein to update a run-down Victorian terraced house in Stoke Newington–a house that hadn’t been touched since the 1950s. Rather than perform an overhaul gut renovation, Lewis’s surgery was of a gentle and less invasive nature. “Our solution was to carefully renovate by exposing and embracing any interesting architectural details while adding sympathetic and soulful elements such as textured joinery or interesting wall finishes,” he says. “We did not want to do anything that would particularly raise any eyebrows.” Come take the tour.

Photography by Rory Gardiner.

Above: Lewis wanted the stair runner to tie in with the color of the  front door (Atomic Red by Little Greene), which was inspired by London post boxes. Extra storage for books is neatly tucked in above the door opening.

Above: Hardwearing black and white Mono Tiles from Fired Earth create a classic checkerboard floor in the kitchen.

Above: A gathering space for the entire family, the kitchen has a mix of finishes for a feeling of warmth. 

Above: The kitchen cabinets are custom made and the counter top is fashioned from a mahogany laboratory top salvaged from an old school. The square handmade Mexican tiles laid out in a subway pattern are from Milagros. The brass cup drawer pulls are original cast hardware by Mark Lewis Interior Design. See White Tile Pattern Glossary for additional ways to use white tile.

Above: A Welsh dresser provides open storage for easy access to daily items.

Above: During the renovation of the 1950s-era kitchen, a plaster and brick wall was uncovered and left intact as a reminder of the layers of history that predate this renovation. The vintage coat hook is from the Sunbury Antiques Market in Kempton.

Above: “We selected the paint colors throughout the house with the client,” Lewis says. “They were chosen for their sympathetic feel.” In the living rooms the walls have been painted in a variety of whites. The walls are White by Earthborn Clay Paint, the picture rail is Hardwicke White by Farrow and Ball and ceiling is Supermatt White by Dulux.

Above L and R: Deco Glass Mirror Tiles from Fired Earth shimmer and reflect light in a recessed corner of the living room.

Above L: A sea of books in custom wood bookshelves in the living room provide a surround of camouflage for the television. The roof board wood has been sealed with clear wax. Above R: The brass cup drawer pulls are by Mark Lewis Interior Design and are the same ones that were used in the kitchen.

Above: In the bedroom, Lewis highlights the architectural moulding with a contrasting paint color to the wall. A door of a different color–Oval Room Blue by Farrow and Ball–adds a modern touch.

Above: Wythe Toile wallpaper by Dan Funderburgh sets the scene for an assortment of vintage finds from London sources such as Golborne Road and Sunbury Antiques Market in Kempton.

Above: Lewis rests a large mirror found at Sunbury Antiques Market in Kempton against the bedroom wall.

Above: The color play continues into the bathroom with a green painted window frame. The subway tiles lend an Old World feel, which is enhanced by the Art Deco mirror from Retrouvius and vintage cabinets from Sunbury Antiques Market in Kempton.

Above L and R: The atmosphere of a bathroom from a previous era is complete with a cast iron bathtub on feet from Aston Matthews.

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Christine is also the writer of the new lifestyle and wellness blog My Contents Have Shifted–A Fabster’s Musings on Being 50 and Beyond.

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