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High/Low: Summery Eyelet Tablecloths


High/Low: Summery Eyelet Tablecloths

July 11, 2023

We’ve been fans of Italian linen masters Society Limonta for a while now, in particular, their artisan tablecloths.

Here’s a look at the original and one for less:

HighLow Summery Eyelet Tablecloths portrait 8
Above: The pure linen Bijou Tablecloth from Society Limonta is a contemporary version of an embroidery classic; $825 from Society Limonta.
bijou tablecloth society limonta 2
Above: A detail of the macro Sangallo lace, “a contemporary version of an embroidery classic, decorates the border of Bijou tablecloth, in pure froissè linen. Created by Society Limonta as part of its continuous research into new designs, patterns and manufacturing techniques, Bijou tablecloth blends the romantic style of a vintage embroidery with a more modern, froissè linen.”
jcrew eyelet tablecloth
Above: Who knew? J. Crew’s cotton Tablecloth in Eyelet for $93.99 (on sale from $118), is a dead ringer for the higher end Society Limonta offering.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the article about?

The article is about high-end and affordable options for summery eyelet tablecloths.

Where can I find the article?

You can find the article on the Remodelista website.

What are high-end options for eyelet tablecloths?

The article suggests high-end options from renowned designers and brands, such as Matteo Home and Society Limonta.

Are there affordable alternatives mentioned in the article?

Yes, the article also provides affordable alternatives from retailers like H&M Home and IKEA.

Can I purchase the tablecloths directly from the Remodelista website?

No, the Remodelista website provides information and recommendations, but you'll need to visit the respective retailer's website to make a purchase.

Are different sizes and colors available for the tablecloths?

Yes, the article mentions that the tablecloths come in various sizes and colors to suit different preferences and table sizes.

Is there information about the fabric and care instructions?

Yes, the article provides details about the fabric materials used in the tablecloths and offers care instructions for maintenance.

Are there any additional tips or suggestions in the article?

Yes, the article includes tips on styling the eyelet tablecloths and creating an inviting summery atmosphere for outdoor dining.

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