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6 Favorites: Sturdy, Old-Fashioned “Grandmother-Style” Cotton Sheets for Winter (or Any Other Season)


6 Favorites: Sturdy, Old-Fashioned “Grandmother-Style” Cotton Sheets for Winter (or Any Other Season)

February 2, 2023

To quote Shakespeare, it was the winter of my discontent (sleeping wise). Our stuffy bedroom has been occasionally stifling (and when we open the window a crack, Arctic). Every morning we woke up in a tangle of slippery sheets. The solution turned out to be thicker, sturdier percale (not sateen!) sheets that are breathable and stay in place.

I launched an investigation into the world of old-fashioned, unfancy, decidedly granny sheets. Here’s a roundup of our top choices to take you through any season.

thick cotton percale sheet set the good sheet
Above: From The Good Sheet in Australia: “sheets made with quality thicker yarn, lower thread count in a simple percale weave—tight and durable, not stretchy or drapey, and won’t fluff up or pill. Made from 100 percent good quality long-staple GOTS certified organic cotton. Plus, they’re also Oeko-Tex certified. The queen Heavyweight Percale Sheet Set in white is AU $195.
redland cotton sheet set 2
Above: From Redland Cotton in Alabama. Say the owners: “Our cotton is grown by our family in North Alabama. From the seed in the ground to the final stitch sewn, every piece of Red Land Cotton is made in the USA. The cotton used in our products is grown according to strict US regulations and sustainable farming practices.” Prices start at $215 for a Basic Twin Set.
coyuchi organic cotton sheets copy
Above: Founded in 1991 by Christine Nielson, a weaver and textile artist, Coyuchi’s Our Heritage collection is woven from 100 percent American-grown organic cotton. The extra long staple cotton comes from a farm in West Texas, and is then woven into a strong percale fabric. Prices start at $118.
revival rugs white sheets
Above: Our friends at Revival Rugs recently introduced a line of exceptionally sturdy and well-made bed linens; the Washed Cotton Sheet Set starts at $219.
vermont country store percale sheets
Above: A perennial favorite: Clothesline Crisp Cottage Percale from the Vermont Country Store; prices start at $110.
ace hotel cotton sheets 2
Above: We’ve all stayed many a time at the various Ace Hotels and are happy to report that the sheets are crisp and no nonsense; Standard Issue Organic Cotton Bedding sets start at $100.

For more linen logic, see:

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Frequently asked questions

What makes cotton sheets tough?

Cotton sheets are made up of long-staple cotton fibers that have been tightly woven together to create a durable and strong bedding material.

Are these cotton sheets soft?

Yes, the cotton sheets featured in this article are not only tough but also soft and comfortable to sleep on.

Do these sheets shrink after washing?

It depends on the brand and washing instructions provided. Some brands claim that their sheets are pre-shrunk and will not shrink after washing, while others recommend washing in cool water and avoiding high heat in the dryer to prevent shrinkage.

What thread count are these sheets?

The featured cotton sheets range from 200 to 500 thread count, with some brands using a percale weave for a crisp finish and others using a sateen weave for a silky feel.

Do these sheets come in different sizes?

Yes, most brands offer these cotton sheets in various sizes including twin, full, queen, king, and California king.

Are these cotton sheets eco-friendly?

It depends on the brand and their manufacturing practices. Some brands use organic or sustainably sourced cotton, while others prioritize ethical and fair labor practices in their production process.

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