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12 Design-Worthy Scissors


12 Design-Worthy Scissors

May 12, 2014

When I think about the ultimate office accessories, I picture my grandfather desk’s. He was an aerospace engineer and his work surface was arrayed with steel architectural pencils, the sharpest scissors, and other streamlined tools. It was the kind of gear to sigh about and think to yourself, “They just don’t make them like that anymore.” Thanks to a recent revival in quality office supplies, I was able to source a dozen beautifully made scissors, plastic free and grandfather-worthy.

12 DesignWorthy Scissors portrait 3

Above: Most of us at Remodelista have succumbed to a pair of Brass Scissors from Danish design company Hay. They are quite possibly the thinnest out there (great for stashing in a crowded drawer) and have black rubber rings inside the handles for comfort; £10 from Present & Correct. They’re also available in brass and black directly through Hay.

12 DesignWorthy Scissors portrait 4

Above: The CDT Black Scissors are designed for the ambidextrous and made in Seki, in Gifu Prefecture, Japan (a city known for manufacturing Japanese swords). They’re $72 from Tortoise General Store, which also offers the scissors in Silver.

12 DesignWorthy Scissors portrait 5

Above: From El Casco in Spain, the 6-Inch Chrome Scissor is $65 via Amazon, and the 9-Inch Scissor is available at Barneys New York for $135. For more see our post, Precision Desktop Accessories from Spain.

12 DesignWorthy Scissors portrait 6

Above: Forged by Tajika Haruo in Ono, Japan, a pair of Large Household Scissors are $82 at Nalata Nalata.

12 DesignWorthy Scissors portrait 7

Above: A longtime favorite of ours are the Allex Non-Stick Scissors with colorfully accented handles. The unexpected use of Teflon on the blades proves useful for cutting through tape and adhesive-lined packages while keeping the blades from sticking together; $40 from the McNally Jackson Store.

12 DesignWorthy Scissors portrait 8

Above: From Objects of Use, the Household Scissors are seven inches of nickel-plated steel made in Sheffield by William Whiteley & Sons, scissor makers since 1760; £15 each.

12 DesignWorthy Scissors portrait 9

Above: Made in Italy, Westcott Clauss Scissors are hot forged from cutlery-grade carbon steel. They’re 6 inches long; $32 at Schoolhouse Electric.

12 DesignWorthy Scissors portrait 10

Above: Another pair by William Whiteley & Sons, the Heavy Duty Paper Scissors have a black, protective coating to resist corrosion; £18.50 at Labour and Wait.

12 DesignWorthy Scissors portrait 11

Above: The Dovo Paper Scissors are made in Solingen, Germany, and have 6 inch blades of carbon stainless steel; $56.90 from Kaufmann Mercantile.

12 DesignWorthy Scissors portrait 12

Above: Made from iron and brass, Fabric Scissors from India can be used for a variety of purposes; $20 for the 6-inch size and $28 for the 8-inch from Spartan.

12 DesignWorthy Scissors portrait 13

Above: Featured in our recent post, 13 Favorites: Best of Household Tools, the Sheffield Kevlar Shear is designed for industrial use; $76 from Best Made Co.

12 DesignWorthy Scissors portrait 14

Above: From Hay, the Small Phi Scissors are made of gold-plated carbon; €29.50 from the Good Hood Store.

Stocking up on office supplies? Have a look at some of our favorite shops: The McNally Jackson Store in New York, Present & Correct in London, and Papelote in Prague.

Garden tools for women? They exist–have a look at the HERshovel on Gardenista.

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