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North Lake Wenatchee Cabin Photo: Ben Benschneider

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DeForest Architects is a small firm with an inventive spirit. To us, design isn’t about big egos, big budgets, and getting published. It’s about new ways of bringing people, building, and ideas together to make a difference.


Many firms focus on ‘the what’ of design; we are equally interested in the who, how, and why. How can we make design a more rewarding, creative experience? Why does it matter to you, your family, business, and community?


We’ve built our practice around inventing new ways to engage our clients in the fun and creativity of the design process. We think of it as “client-inspired design”. 360modern has called it “innovative design that plays well with others.”


In addition to designing great places to live and work, we see ourselves as personal guides to great adventures in design. We start by getting to know our clients from the inside out through a series of “homework assignments.” Then we invite them to join in hands-on model workshops, mockups, and walkthroughs on site.