Vintage Round Match Box

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Product: Vintage Round Match Box
Retailer: Cool Old Stuff

Vintage Round Match Box Guarantee Savings and Loan, Diamond Match

Very rare and unusual round match box of a central California savings and loan, promoting their rooftop 'weather beacon'.

We are pleased to offer this special round vintage match box. Our feature photo shows a combined image of three sides of this one box. It dates to the late 1970s to early 1980s and advertises the Fresno Guarantee Savings & Loan Association. This bank had many branches, but the main branch was a tall building downtown which had a rooftop weather beacon that changed color when the atmosphere changed. Blue was for cooler weather, red was for warmer weather, and if flashing, it meant rain. These are represented on the match box shown in our main photo. There is additional text on the side of the box: Guarantee Weather Beacon High Atop Guarantee Savings Building Fulton Mall/Fresno St. The box is in very good condition showing light wear. The original gold tipped wood matchsticks are intact. The striker is worn, so a few of them were used. Produced by the Diamond Match Div. Sacramento, Calif.

This is an excellent and very unusual vintage match box Fresno, California collectible.