Two Tone Chambray Towels

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Product: Two Tone Chambray Towels
Retailer: Rikumo

The secret to the natural softness of the Yoshii towel is the use of exceptionally soft twisted ring threads called “Shankar 6.” These threads are cultivated under low agricultural-chemicals, 100% hand picked raw materials, and also known for natural separation of seed from its cotton to avoid tearing its fiber. The “Shankar 6″ is then massaged down, puffed by patting, combed twice, before it becomes thread then twisted gently and lightly. To maximize the qualities, under normal temperature and pressure, the materials are slowly bleached with only special refinement bleach, and the paste is removed very carefully. Because of the exceptional care to the materials, Yoshii Towel performs by superior water absorption, is fast-drying feature, and environmentally friendly. It is also in super lightweight that makes this collection perfect for traveling, and to be used by all ages including newborn babies.