Titan 1 Pendant & Diffuser

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Product: Titan 1 Pendant & Diffuser
Retailer: Horne
Designer: Peter Bowles
Color: Silver

We love the classic industrial look of the Titan Pendant. Designer Peter Bowles used an actual mold from the 1940’s that produced these lamps for offices and factories at the time, but then he updated it for a more modern setting. We think it’s an ideal choice for a kitchen, dining room, or workspace, since it is mostly downward lighting. But, if brightness isn’t your thing, it comes with a frosted glass diffuser to give a softened, glowing light. The lamp is UL listed and suitable for commercial spaces. Manufactured in a factory in the UK dedicated to green manufacturing practices. 100W (max) incandescent or compact fluorescent bulb.

5' black braided cable and aluminum ceiling rosette. Includes frosted glass diffuser .