The Cardboard Christmas Tree

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Product: The Cardboard Christmas Tree
Color: Natural, White

The original cardboard tree – made in the USA from recycled cardboard. Comes with over 50 cardboard ornaments and stands 3 feet tall when assembled.

Created with the environment and fun in mind, this eco-friendly, sustainable cardboard tree offers a great alternative to a traditional live or artificial tree.

The tree is made from recycled corrugated cardboard, comes in a great natural kraft color, and once assembled, can be used to hang your own ornaments or the over 50 included cardboard ornaments.

With a small cut into the top of the cardboard ornaments, you can use the pop-out 'branches' to suspend ornaments on either side of the tree for a great 3-dimensional effect. The cardboard ornaments can also be easily tucked into the cut-outs – no metal hangers required!

The tree is 100% recyclable, can be reused year after year, and is easily stored in it's own packaging or simply fold it flat for next year.

Ships flat packed (36in x 18in x 1in). Shipping available only to North America for 2009.