Tablo Low Teak Stand

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Product: Tablo Low Teak Stand
Retailer: Amazon
Designer: Magnus Löfgren

Wood stand for the Tablo Tray. Tablo Tray is not included. The Tablo Tray, designed by Magnus Lofgren, is a deep-cut, 2″ serving tray that is as decorative as it is useful. Thanks to its high rim and solid form, the risk of spilling food or dropping items is kept to a minimum. The Tablo can be used alone as a tray or as a table when placed on an optional four-legged teak wood stand. Low (15.75″) or high (21″) stands are sold separately. Use the Tablo as a tray, a sideboard, birdbath or as a place for outdoor plants. For a total look, group them on several wood stands of different heights. Tray comes in your choice of three lacquered finishes.