Sturdy Cotton Duck Shower Curtains

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Product: Sturdy Cotton Duck Shower Curtains
Retailer: Amazon
Color: Blue, Natural, White

These shower curtains are made from sturdy 9-ounce cotton duck cloth with heavy duty nickel coated brass grommets. Not only will they last for years but they are machine washable and require no liner. The weight of the fabric prevents it from billowing inwards, making your shower appear larger. Made in USA from 100% USA grown cotton. Wash in cold water, hang back up in shower to dry. Expect shrinkage of about 3% to 4%. Weight of the wet shower curtain will pull out any wrinkles and stretch curtain back to proper length. Size: 65 x 72 inches. Available in White, Natural, Blue, Blue Ticking Stripe and Black with White Polka Dots.

  • Sturdy 9 oz cotton duck
  • Heavy duty grommets
  • Machine Washable
  • No liner required
  • Available in TUB (65 inch width) or STALL (38 inch width) size