Stackable Kitchen Tools (Set of 6)

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Product: Stackable Kitchen Tools (Set of 6)
Color: White

Grind, Grate, Squeeze, Store, & Preserve Ceramic Kitchen Tools Set (including a wooden pestle)

A ceramic stackable kitchen tools, including a grinder (mortar), juicer, garlic/ginger/wasabi grater, utensil holder, lid/dish and wooden pestle. Such as grinding, squeezing normally done in kitchen can be done right-on the dining room table with these beautiful functional porcelain pieces gives freshness to foods. These pieces are also good for preparation of baby food.

  • Made of Porcelain
  • Color White
  • Lid: 4″dia x 0.375″h Utensil holder: 4″dia x 1.5″h Grinder: 4″dia x 1.375″h Juicer: 4″dia x 2.36″h Grater: 4″dia x 1.2″h Wooden Pestle:4″long
  • Set of 6 ( including wooden pestle)