Spring – Fondue Set Classic

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Product: Spring – Fondue Set Classic
Retailer: Connox
Color: Silver

The fondue-set Classic is a remake of the classic fondue-pan. Completely kept in bright stainless steel, it appears in the traditional, a little bit bellied form with a long stick. The pot is on a shapely rechaud made of blackened stainless steel cast.

The fondue-set Classic from the Swiss company Spring consists of a pot with lid and a spatter protection, rechaud, paste burner and small pans at a total. The pieces are manufactured of 18/10 stainless steel.

The Spring brothers were the first entrepreneurs 50 years ago that produced the fondue Buirguignonne-pans. The Bourguignonne fondue earned its name thanks to a famous beef from Burgundy, the Charloais.

The legend behind the development of the fondue-pans begins in the Balkan. It says that there was a Lausanne kitchen-chef invited to dinner by the locals. The food consisted of pieces of sheep-meat that were boiled in a pan full of hot fat, completed with different sauces and ingredients. At home, in his kitchen, the chef tried to re-cook this tasty meal, and to refine it to serve it in his restaurant.

Looking for a fitting pot, he found the Spring brothers that were famous for their innovative developments in their company. From this cooperation emerged the first and very special pan for the worldwide known and popular fondue.

Contains pot, stand and burner, capacity: 1,8L, pot with splatter guard and lid,, material: 18/10 stainless steel, colour: natural stainless steel