Spoon Bathtub

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Product: Spoon Bathtub
brand: Agape
Retailer: Agape
Color: Cream, White
Designer: G. Benedini

Spoon bathtub (white) with tap pillar.

Spoon is a true icon of contemporary design , much imitated as unmistakable in its enveloping , in his strong personality and cozy at the same time , able to characterize the whole bathroom . Before freestanding bathtub to be made of Solid Surface , now comes in Cristalplant® biobased : an exclusive new material of natural origin , even more sustainable .

The Spoon is available with or without the hardware tower and also in a “sand” color. Contact the store for more information, pricing and shipping details. Please note pricing below does not include tap or faucet.

Oval shaped bath tub in Exmar with overflow.

  • Design year: 1998
  • Materials:Exmar material, composite of resin and quartz powder.
  • Dimensions 181.5 cm x 44h x 98,5p
  • Capacity 220 liters
  • Weight 105 kg