Sonomama Sonomama

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Product: Sonomama Sonomama
Retailer: Amazon
Designer: Taishi Hirokawa

Sonomama Sonomama : Paperback
Taishi Hirokawa (Author)

Taishi Hirokawa travels around rural Japan in a wagon loaded with designer outfits of namely, Issay Miyake, Comme de Garcon, Yohji Yamamoto and others. He meets people who live with nature, bearing sun and the earth, such as a farmer ploughing his feild, a fisherman, a man working in a gas station, a builder at work, a country watch-maker, a general grocer, an icecream man, and an amateur archeologist doing research on his own. He asks them to dress into the designer outfits on the spot and captures them on film.

sonomama sonomama (Adv.) – Just like that; just as you are. unchanged; as before; in a natural state; don’t move inch…