SleepWorks Mattress Models

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Product: SleepWorks Mattress Models

Scott Jordan SleepWorks Mattress Models

We offer three mattress models each which can be configured several ways. Both are designed to deliver optimum support, reduced pressure, and less motion. The ultimate deciding factor is your own comfort preference. Priced from $1000 and above.

Alpine 1 — Balances luxury and support. Combines all-natural, ventilated latex with 1370 individually chambered coils in a wool-lined stretch cotton cover. Serious support with a slightly firmer feel. The feel of this this, as well as all of our SleepWorks mattresses, can be softened by the addition of a latex and wool topper.

Alpine 2 — Firm support, with a buoyant feel. The extremely-compressed micro-coils give this model the feel of solidity and deep density, balanced by responsiveness. A feeling of quiet stability.

Solid Latex — Firm support. The solid layered latex foam give this model the feel of solidity and deep density. A feeling of quiet stability and very low motion transfer.