Side by Side Bread Box

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Product: Side by Side Bread Box
Designer: Andreas Ulbricht
Retailer: Connox
Color: Natural
brand: Side by Side

The project side by side is a collaboration between designers and workshops for disabled people. The boat builder and product designer Andreas Ulbricht created this simple and timeless bread box made of light maple wood and smoked oak in the course of this project.

The lid made out of maple wood is a special detail in this creation. One the one side it is corrugated whereas the other side is flat. Thus, it cannot only be used for the closure of the bread box, but also as cutting board. A tissue insert inside the box protects the bread from moisture and prevents a quick mouldering.

The side by side bread box is produced in the Caritas-Workshops Westerwald/Rhein-Lahn. These workshops aim at integrating people with handicaps both socially and professionally. There they are supported in the acquisition of professional skills as well as in the advancement of social competence.

The creation made by Andreas Ulbricht and the employees of the Caritas-Workshop was awarded the Design Plus and the Form Prize in 2002.

  • Materials: Untreated maple; smoked oak; canvas liner.
  • H: 14 cm, D: 27 cm, L: 41.5 cm
  • Colour: Oak natural
  • Product-Nr: 100931, EAN 4250298703084
  • Country of origin: Germany