Range Smart iPhone / iPad Thermometer

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Product: Range Smart iPhone / iPad Thermometer
Retailer: Food52

We believe in using technology to help make us better cooks where it is smart, useful, and easy-to-use (we are a cooking website after all!) — the Range thermometer is a perfect example of how digital innovation can improve basic home objects.

This food-safe, heatproof to 450°F, hand-washable thermometer connects via a tough 4.5′ silicone cable to your device (iPhone or iPad). Download the free app, and the thermometer suddenly becomes your best sous chef. Use it to quickly spot-check temperatures on meat, or leave it in a pot to wait for a liquid or dish to come to the right heat. The cable is durable enough to go in the oven, and the online app lets you graph your results to learn the intricacies of projects like candy making or beer brewing.

One of the coolest features? Digital alerts on any iOS device. Just connect the thermometer to each device, and set remote alerts. As long as you have an internet connection, you can connect the thermometer to your iPad in the kitchen, then step out for a drink on the patio and get alerted on your iPhone when your roast is done!

Choose from the Ember 3″ sharp tip (for meats), the Aqua 6″ round tip (for cheeses, candy making, and liquid), or the Coal 3″ with an even tougher fiberglass cable (for grilling).

Prices range from $70.00 to $130.00