Porcelain Bottles

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Product: Porcelain Bottles
Retailer: Poketo

Designed by Dutch artist Foekje Fleur van Duin, plastic detergent bottles pulled from the canals in Rotterdam are commemorated in durable, natural colored porcelain. The outside of the stained porcelain is bisque which gives a matte finish similar to plastic, and the inside is glazed to make it waterproof and suitable as a vase. The bottle is signed at the bottom by the artist. These beautiful Porcelain bottles beg to be handled and admired, causing us to question what meaning we can ascribe to objects that were meant to have none. Available in Peach, Mint, and Sky.

  • 9.5″ H x 5″ W (24 cm x 12.7 cm). Porcelain. Waterproof interior.