Natural Straw Modern Mobile: Himmeli No. 1

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Product: Natural Straw Modern Mobile: Himmeli No. 1
Retailer: AMradio

Natural Straw Modern Mobile: Himmeli No. 1

styled after a Finnish tradition, this sculptural star himmeli mobile is delicate in its design but carries a strong geometric pattern. captivating piece which once coaxed turns with the slightest of breeze. a lovely minimalist addition to any space and would provide fabulous contrast against a darkened wall.

intricately handcrafted crafted with natural straw and cotton string. the three sections are joined together and turns as one complete piece.

this piece is handmade made from natural materials so variances in thickness, color and texture will occur from listing photo. the straw could also darken in color over time from aging. natural straw is a fragile material and requires delicate handling and requires it to be shipped independent of other items to ensure a safe delivery.