Metal Water Kettle

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Product: Metal Water Kettle
Retailer: KIOSK
Color: Silver

Metal Water Kettle
Mikkeli, FINLAND
Finland has one of the highest coffee consumptions in the world, it is said the average Finn drinks 4 cups of coffee a day, I feel I am being naughty with one espresso! With all this drinking going on, you bet the coffee is good. I read that it was a law coffee and alcohol could not be served in the same place, in that respect, I assume coffee drinking became a counterbalance to alcoholism or a fierce hangover. This kettle is used to make Finnish coffee or for boiling water. To make Finnish coffee boil the water and add the coffee grids into the kettle then wait 4 – 5 minutes to let the coffee sink to the bottom. Strong and good, just like the coffee, the kettle is made by OPA, established in 1926, and has seen many incarnations over time.