Menu 53060 Lighthouse Hurricane Lamp

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Product: Menu 53060 Lighthouse Hurricane Lamp
Retailer: Amazon
Designer: Christian Bjorn
brand: Menu

5306019 Size: 2.95″ Includes One Lamp Christian Bjorn has been a key figure on the Danish design scene since the end of the 1970s, and today he is credited having established industrial design as an independent profession in Denmark. Bjorn’s Lighthouse series for Menu, Christian has wowed people worldwide since its launch. After a few months on the market, it was awarded two of the most well-known design prizes in the world: the Red Dot Award and the IF Industrial Design Award. The designer Christian Bj rn has created a new family of lamps, all sharing the name Lighthouse. These small tealight lamps respectively evoke stories of Scandinavian sea voyages, in which every island and every point has its lighthouse to show the way in the night. With a little bit of imagination, a whole travel experience in miniature awaits you. Designed by: Christian Bjorn Features: – Includes one Hurricane Lighthouse Lamp. -Available in two sizes. -Complements the Christian Bjorn Collection. -Simple and elegant design. -Represents stringent and functional Scandinavian design ethics. Specifications: -Height: 2.95” – 4.72”. -Material: Porcelain, Stainless Steel and artificial materials. -Dishwasher safe.