Luxury Wooden Ironing Board

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Product: Luxury Wooden Ironing Board
Retailer: Kandu Furniture
Color: Light Wood

This practical luxury wooden ironing board is the “creme de la Creme” of all boards and comes complete with a smart and durable cover.
The ironing board has a perforated metal surface,which has been specially treated to prevent any rust whlst allowing steam to escape during ironing.

Extremely well made and robust, the surface width is approximately 45cm which speeds up the ironing and is especially great for sheets and other large items, you know, the ones you hate to do.

It has 8 adjustable height levels ranging from 83-99cm to cater for all different sizes of the person doing the ironing and styles of ironing.

There is a steel cradle to hold the iron and a large handy multi purpose storage shelf underneath for ironed clothes, coat hangers etc.

There are non slip protective plastic caps on the base of the legs to prevent any slipping or damage to floor surfaces.
Once finished with the unit can be easily and smoothly folded away for storage when not in use.