Light My Fire Spork 4-Pack

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Product: Light My Fire Spork 4-Pack
Retailer: Amazon

The perfectly designed outdoor eating utensil. Our spoon-fork-knife combo brings a bit of civilization to the wild and a bit of the wild to civilization. Designed especially for Light My Fire by Scandinavian designer Joachim Nordwall. The Spork is perfect for your backpack, boat, picnic basket, lunchbox, purse or briefcase.

  • This is a package of four (4) magnificent sporks from the Swedish firm Light My Fire.
  • They are manufactured from heat-resistant polycarbonate and won’t melt in hot or boiling water. They won’t scratch non-stick cookware. They are Teflon-friendly.
  • They are extremely durable and dishwasher safe.
  • They weigh only .36 ounces each!
  • Also available as part of the Light My Fire Mealkit.

The prices range from $9.06 to $13.99