LED Plank Lamp

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Product: LED Plank Lamp

Plank is a light fixture made out of pure, raw wood. Plank stems from a reference to the used and abused delivery pallet. Plentiful in function, this thin, long and simplistic pendant, wall and floor lamp series serves well to add directed or guided light to a defined space in a room. It further works well in providing a defined light strip down towards for example a table or a desk area. The dimmable LED light is placed in between the two main wooden planks, adding a high tech value to the object and ensuring sustainability and eco-friendliness in all of its character.

Play with Plank; place them together on a wall in a pattern, put a whole stack on the floor or fill the air with numerous repetitions of these wooden objects! And if you would like to add some colour to it – simply paint the wood!

The lamp series is available with rough cut light coloured poplar wood planks (type “populus adenopoda”) and with a more brown surfaced Kebony SYP (Southern yellow pine) wood from the Norwegian company Kebony as an alternative version. Both wooden materials choices have an unpolished expression with visible marks and traces from the production processes.

Pendant lamp, ceiling and wall lamp
Shade material: Light poplar or dark Kebony pine wood
Body material: Steel
Screws: Brass
Wire: Light brown silk, 300 cm
Bulb: LED diodes. 28 W. Epistar SMD5050. 2484 LM.
Driver: Meanwell PCD-25-1050B
220V – 240V ~ 50Hz /12 V converted
Net weight: 4.5 kg