Large Fall Wheat Bundle

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Product: Large Fall Wheat Bundle
Retailer: DriedDecor com

Our large, one pound wheat bunches will stand alone for a quick, ready-made centerpiece that needs nothing more to enhance its simple elegance. Simply remove the Mylar sleeve and bottom band (placed for shipping protection), and give the wheat stocks a gentle twist. It will fan out to give a base for standing and make an elegant bouquet. The wheat bouquet is suitable for centerpieces or for a display on a table, shelf, desk or curio.
The large, one pound wheat bunch also does very well when placed in a vase or other container. The wheat will stay bright and as beautiful as the day it was harvested for years to come, placed in a dry, pest free area.
Bring the elegance and bounty of the out of doors into your environment with a large wheat sheaf set on display for all to enjoy.
Since wheat is harvested during the fall, wheat is often used for decorating during the fall time of year. However, the golden sunshine color of wheat brings a breath of the out of doors to brighten a winter day. Wheat also makes a beautiful, happy spring display, and brings the freshness of outdoors to any summer decorating scheme.
By itself, or added together with other grains, dried flowers or leaves, a wheat bouquet will bring beauty to a home, office, party, reception or wedding, no matter what the season.

16 ounce bundle. Approximately 80-120 stems.
Short Stem Wheat – 12-18 inches
Long Stem Wheat – 18-24 inches
12 bundles per case sold at Bulk Price