Klippan Merino Wool Fringed Throw

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Product: Klippan Merino Wool Fringed Throw

Swedish Merino Wool Fringed Throw 51″ X 71″
Item# 20090115
This smart, lush, reversible wool blanket is handmade in Sweden by Klippan Mills and has a Scandinavian modern design that will be enjoyed for years to come. The traditional and expert craftsmanship of Klippan has been combined with the brilliance of some of Sweden’s top designers to produce a collection of extraordinary blankets of quality and beauty. Wool blankets have always had a special place in Swedish homes, now more than ever. Klippan continues to produce blankets in a traditional way. They are woven, felted and rugged, which takes time and requires craftsmanship. When you add a striking design you get a blanket that warms both your body and your soul.