Kakudo Cutting Board

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Product: Kakudo Cutting Board
Retailer: Mjölk

A wonderful solid maple cutting board. The edges feel as if someone ran their fingers along the sides. The Kakudo series is hand crafted in a workshop in Hokkaido Japan by Hidetoshi Takahashi.

  • Small: 210 x 210 x 27mm
  • Large: 300 x 300 x 27mm
  • Kakudo Series

Kakudo meaning “angle” in Japanese is a series of everyday living products inspired by the function and form created by angles. Octagon-shaped dishes have a 140° angle while the butter dish features a 45° angle. These lines are softened by a slightly rounded corner edge.

The Kakudo series is handcrafted by artisan Hidetoshi Takahashi, from his studio “Takahashi Kogei”. Takahashi Kogei based in Asahikawa – the city famous for its woodwork industry.

Takashi-san buys local lumber and cuts, and dries them in his yard over several years to avoid warping and shrinkage. He selects the best parts of the wood and manually creates the products one by one.