Irvine W08 Lamp

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Product: Irvine W08 Lamp
Retailer: Amazon
brand: Wastberg
Color: White

Studioilse w084t Halogen IRC Lamp
“We have chosen honest materials that carry clear messages,” says Ilse Crawford, designer of the w084t Lamp (2008). “Iron for its feelings of stability, reliability and trust; wood with its warmth and life; and a glass, chalk and plastic blend for its intimate glow and tactility.” Even the fabric-covered cord was chosen for its familiarity, and along the stem, it remains visible by following a groove in the wood. It would be an understatement to say there is nothing slick about this lamp, and that’s exactly the point. A hands-on experience, the lamp stands on a cast iron base with a switch in the center, and the arms are adjusted by turning wing nuts. The light source, however, is a new generation of low-heat halogen, which is energy efficient and dimmable.

Materials: Cast iron base; aluminum; glass, chalk and plastic blend shade; beech wood; halogen IRC bulb.