Hozuki Lantern

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Product: Hozuki Lantern
Retailer: Snow Peak
Color: White

The sacred Hozuki plant was the original design for the ancient Chinese paper lantern. We have adapted this design to capture the beauty and romance of the Chinese paper lantern in the creation of this new Snow Peak product. The new Hozuki Lantern combines functionality and beauty like never before in outdoor lighting. Now, you can create the romance of a candle without burning down your tent. The Hozuki Lantern features an innovative Candle Mode that allows the LED to respond to sound or wind with a flicker of light; press the on/off button twice to enter candle mode. In addition, the Hozuki has three different brightness settings allowing you to light up your favorite book before going to bed or the entire campsite while cooking your dinner.

Winner of a Travel + Leisure 2011 Design Award for Best Gear.

  • Material : Polycarbonate Plastic, Abs Resin, Acrylic Resin, Silicone Rubber, Aluminum
  • Made In : JAPAN
  • Weight : 5.6 oz
  • Includes : Hozuki Light And Batteries, USB Cord Not Included (USB Cord May Be Used To Power Led Light In-Place Of Batteries But Will Not Re-Charge Batteries)
  • Lantern Type LED
  • Lighting Hours High 8 hrs / Mid 20 hrs / Low 80 hrs
  • brightness 100 Lumens
  • Power Source 4 X AA Alkaline OR AA (NiMh/Zrb rechargeable) suggested batteries (USB mini plug-in)
  • Color White And Orange