Housefish Short Key Module

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Product: Housefish Short Key Module
Retailer: Design Public
brand: Housefish
Designer: Scott Bennett

Founded by Scott Bennett in 1997, Housefish was conceived as an advanced laboratory specializing in furniture design ideas. The company’s focus is ambitious: nothing less than the return of American furniture manufacturing to economic and environmental sustainability and relevance. By using durable materials and engineering their furniture to last, Housefish ensures their pieces stay out of the landfill. Responsibly harvested renewable materials are used, where possible, and easily recyclable materials elsewhere. The Key Modular Storage system is designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble. The only tool required is a hammer or mallet. Precise tolerances combined with a full-thickness back result in a very sturdy, strong case. The Short Key Module is ideal for use as a bookcase or toy box, and can also be wall mounted. The module includes 4 alignment pins to allow stacking up to five units high. Available with or without doors.