Häfele Shelf Suspension System

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Product: Häfele Shelf Suspension System
brand: Hafele
Retailer: Häfele America
  • For shelves suspended from the ceiling
  • For attachment through wood or glass. a9/16″ hole is required
  • Attachment to a stud is required
  • Minimum shelf thickness: 3/8″

Beta Shelf Suspension System

  • Load carrying capacity: 110 lbs. per rod Rod:M8x35/16″
  • TubaBia/ie-xssiM”
  • Material: Steel/Brass, surface-threaded
  • Chrome : 828.50.208
  • Chrome Matt : 828.50.408
  • Supplied With Threaded rod Tube
  • Upper sleeve Centering ring Sleeve nut Rubber clamping ring