Harimi Dustpans

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Product: Harimi Dustpans
Designer: Masanori Oji
Retailer: Mjölk

Harimi Dustpan

Harimi comes with a string to hang along with fellow kake brooms. It is made of paper coloured by Japanese persimmon, which coats the pan with a sealant that is waterproof, protects against insects and prevents deterioration. The paper doesn’t create static electricity, which makes it easier to sweep up dust. Sojirushi is a line launched in collaboration with designer Oji Masanori and Shirokiya Shoten. Their goal was to design cleaning tools that you can place within arms length, instead of hiding them away. The Kake-Hoki is fabricated by Shirokiya Shoten, a time-honored company that has been making brooms since 1830.