Hans Wegner Tondern Table

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Product: Hans Wegner Tondern Table
Color: Dark Wood
Designer: Hans Wegner
Retailer: PP Møbler

In the 1960s, Hans Wegner (pronounced veg-ner in English) softened the edges of what was typically thought of as Danish modern. Eliminating the sharpness found in other designers’ tables and chairs had an impact on aesthetics and comfort, the latter of which was paramount to this designer. The bull-nose edge on the Tondern Table (2009) is an example of this, in how it gives the table a more elegant, finished look, while also making the table edge more comfortable for diners. Another classic Wegner touch is the use of two woods: walnut and oak.

  • The brass trestle provides sturdy support with a minimal amount of material.
  • The exposed hardware is in keeping with Wegner’s belief that nothing should cover up or interfere with functionality.
  • Made in U.S.A.