Green Globe Artichoke Seeds

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Product: Green Globe Artichoke Seeds

Green Globe artichoke seeds
Cynara cardunculus
Certified Organic
40 seeds, Net Wt 2.64g

Green globe artichoke flowers in mid summer, deep green with light purple tinge. Harvest 2-4 heads per plant, 3-5 inches in diameter. Globe artichoke is a perennial thistle eaten for the soft choke before the flower starts to open, steamed. Originating from southern Europe and north Africa, brought to California in the 1920s by Italian farmers. Among the highest antioxidant levels for vegetables. Deer Resistant.

Start indoors January or February to produce artichokes the first year. Transplant after last frost to 3' spacing. Requires 10-12 days of temps below 50ËšF to induce artichokes the first year. Direct seed after last frost to yield chokes the second year. After first year, rogue off-types to final 5-6' spacing. Propagate best plants by division. In cold climates, cut to 8-10 inches in October and cover with straw to keep roots from freezing. In wet winter climates, mound to avoid root rot. Store at 36ËšF.

Days from maturity calculated from the date of seeding. Average 540 seeds per ounce. Federal germination standard: 70%. Usual seed life: 73 years.

Planting Depth 1/4″
Soil Temp. Germ. 65-75ËšF
Days to Germ. 10-20
Plant Spacing 3'
Row Spacing 5-6'
Days To Maturity 1 year
Full Sun
Moist Well Drained