Finnish Scrubbing Whisks

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Product: Finnish Scrubbing Whisks
Retailer: Objects of Use

Stiff looped, or medium stiff dense straight bound scrubbing whisks from Finland. The looped whisks are made from yellow rice root (the stripped and dried roots of zatacon, a Mexican grass), or deep brown bassine (extracted from the leaves of the palmyra palm); the straight whisk is made from black arenga fibres (harvested from the trunks of sugar palms). All make excellent pot scrubbers, the looped whisks with a light scouring action are also good for removing mud from winter boots, sports shoes, or wellingtons; the arenga being slightly softer makes an excellent general purpose washing up or vegetable scrubber, as well as acting as a small stiff broom for brushing dried mud from shoes, clothes, and fabrics. All are hand bound with flax twine by the visually impaired craftspeople of a Vantaa based Finnish cooperative. All measure between 13cm and 15cm.