Extra Large Natural Spotted Icelandic Sheepskin

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Product: Extra Large Natural Spotted Icelandic Sheepskin
Retailer: The Line

Architect Bryce Gracey discovered Icelandic sheepskins while attempting to source a sheepskin for an interior design project. “I was attracted to these eclectic pelts and their large scale,” he says. “I really enjoy getting up each morning with one under my feet and thought others would, too.” This authentic Icelandic sheepskin, in natural tones that range from midnight to rusty black, makes for an exceptionally cozy throw, rug, or bed covering.

  • Color : Spotted (base color is a natural white/cream with random spotting)
  • Origin : Iceland
  • Materials : Tanned wool and leather
  • Measurements : Approximately 55 inches x 38 inches
  • Due to their natural origins, no two sheepskins are alike. The one pictured may not represent the individual product you will receive. Variations in color and pattern should be expected.
  • The processing of this sheepskin conforms to strict EU directives concerning environmental preservation and protection–no chromium or bleaches were used in the tanning process.
  • All Black Sheep (White Light) pelts and hides are biodegradable and a by-product of the meat industry