Einstein Lip Theory – Cooling Lip Relief

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Product: Einstein Lip Theory – Cooling Lip Relief
Retailer: Amazon UK
brand: Einstein

This product worth every penny. If you constantly have chapped and sore lips this product is going to be great for you. It has a nice shine to it that isn’t gooey like wearing lip gloss, and there is no waxiness or greasy feelings. This rubs into your lips and makes them feel soft and soothed. This product not only help soothed the chapped lips but helps them HEAL which is the important part. It smells good, and it feels great on lips. It does not feel heavy at all or like I am using a thick medicinal lip balm.You can choose to use other products that reek of the medicine they put in it to just stop the soreness of your chapped lips. Or you can use the thick waxy products that make your lips feel greasy and gross. Or you can choose Einstein’s Lip Therapy Cooling Relief Balm and soothe those sore puckers and have them on their way to being healed!

  • Vitamins A+E.
  • Restores moisture.
  • Smooth into lip.