Edward Wohl’s Birds-Eye Maple Board

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Product: Edward Wohl’s Birds-Eye Maple Board
Retailer: A R
Color: Natural

Edward Wohl is that rare craftsman in a world of mass-production. His handmade bird’s-eye cutting/serving boards are masterworks in shape and line, with smooth edges and a beautiful sheen and hand. How a wood develops the bird’s-eye pattern is a natural phenomenon that still cannot be explained. But it is found in a variety of woods, notably hard maple– Edward’s choice precisely because of its durability and long wear, as well as the high density and even, fine grain.

  • Material: Birds-eye maple wood
  • Packaging: Tissue-wrapped

Hard maple resists marring from knife cuts and absorbs relatively little moisture from food. The birds-eye pattern appears in maybe one of 500 maple trees, making it a sought-after grain. From the home and workshops he and his business partner-wife Ann founded in the valleys of southwestern Wisconsin, Edward and his team of craftsmen craft each board. He even invented a sanding station for sanding the boards, and he operates three in his sanding facility and a fourth in his furniture shop. Once sanded, each board is dipped into a mixture of mineral oil, linseed oil and wax. It’s a process he has finessed over thee decades, both in his custom furniture and in these boards. Out of the Peace Corps in the 1960s, Edward learned his craft with the likes of William Stumpf and Sam Maloof. Suffice it to say, these are not your every-day cutting boards…but that’s exactly why they ARE for every day use!

  • #1: 8.5″ w x 13″ l (21.6x33cm)
  • #2: 9.5″ w x 18″ l (24.1×45.7cm)
  • #3: 10″ w x 23″ l (25.4×58.4cm)
  • #4: 11″ w x 15.5″ l (27.9×39.4cm)
  • #6: 12.5″ w x 22″ l (31.8×55.9cm)
  • #10: 7.5″ w x 15.5″ l (19.1×39.4cm)
  • #11: 11.5″ w x 22″ l (29.2×55.9cm)
  • #13: 13″ w x 17″ l (33×43.2cm)
  • #15 and #15H: 6.75″ w x 21″ l (17.2×53.3cm)
  • #16: 7″ w x 28″ l (17.8×71.1cm)

Prices range from $86.00 to $160.00