EcoSmart Curved Grate

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Product: EcoSmart Curved Grate
Retailer: EcoSmart Fire
Color: Silver

The Curved Grate takes the concept of the traditional fireplace grate and gives it a contemporary twist. The low-line rectangular shaped grate is designed specifically to house the stainless steel EcoSmart Burner, which is suspended off the ground.

The Curved Grate is simple and streamlined in its design, with a metal grid which curves upwards at the front and rear. The result is an elegant grate which enhances the aesthetics and, ultimately, ambience of any interior.

It’s easily placed into its setting and is operational immediately. As with all the models within the Grate Range, the Curved Grate is made from rust treated steel and finished in a black matt Teflon coating. Like all EcoSmart Fireplaces, the Curved Grate is Eco Friendly, running on denatured ethanol, an eco-friendly, renewable energy.