Bohemian Damask – Royal Blue Bath Towels

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Product: Bohemian Damask – Royal Blue Bath Towels
Retailer: Fresco Towels

Pamper your body and soul with our Luxurious and Artistic terry plush Bath towels. Now you can finally enjoy the same qualities of comfort as a solid color bath towel with our beautiful selection of Artistically Decorated Bath Towels. Why spend all the time designing and decorating your bathroom and then settle for a plain towel? Fresco Towels offers you the opportunity to add one more beautiful and essential touch to your majestic world inside your bathroom. Enjoy!

  • Decorated using an exclusive and unique process developed by Fresco Towels.
  • Highly absorbent, exceptionally soft, and long lasting.
  • 100% Turkish cotton, Pre-shrunk and Pre-washed.
  • Made in the USA of imported fabric.
  • Please note: Due to the artistic nature of the production process, each towel color may vary slightly.
  • Wash Cloth 12″ X 12″
  • Hand Towel 20″ X 30″
  • Bath Towel 30″ X 56″

Prices range from from $23.00 to $69.00