Blu Dot Strut Side Table – Watermelon

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Product: Blu Dot Strut Side Table – Watermelon
brand: Blu Dot
Retailer: Design Public
Color: Red
I had a nasty experience with a table once. It was one of those cheap, plastic-topped jobs with the folding metal legs you lock in place with a little sliding clip on the struts. It was weighted down with materials to be stuffed in binders (I was assembling course readers; I know, the perils of academia!), and one side suddenly came crashing down, not two inches from my foot. Apparently the strut wasn’t quite locked. Structure and design are one with the Strut. A proud stance for any gathering. Offered in two sizes of coffee tables as well as a console and a side table. Choose ivory or robin’s egg blue for a subtler impact; or dark olive or watermelon for more punch. Strut: stylish, quite functional, and substantially less likely to maim you than other tables.