Biblio Bathtub

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Product: Biblio Bathtub
Designer: Antonio Lupi
Color: White

Biblio Bathtub by Antonio Lupi

Biblio is a rectangular line of bathtub product in CORIAN. Available in model free-standing, built-in or semi built-in.

Biblio by Antonio Lupi is a Corian Rectangular bathtub, complete with back rest and automatic drainage and combined bath spout and overflow.

Biblio bathtub is available in dimensions cm.170×70, 180×80, with back rim for tap mounting cm.170×80, 180×90 and with back and right or left side rim for tap mounting cm.180×80, 190×90 – m.53,5 h. – Models available free-standing 4 sides, 2 sides (corner position) or 3 sides.

Please visit the website for details & pricing.