Behrens Round Steel Tub

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Product: Behrens Round Steel Tub
Retailer: Amazon
brand: Behrens

Behrens 35-Gallon round hot dipped steel tub is ideal for planters, storage, decor and more. Made of durable hot dipped steel this tub is both functionable and fashionable with a Vintage/classic look. this tub is even big enough to use as a bath for pets.

  • Ideal for planters, storage, decor, beverages, seed/corn and more
  • Durable the strength of steel; Rodent proof and recyclable
  • Vintage/classic look
  • Offset bottom keeps can off ground
  • Dimensions: 31-1/2-inch w by 31-1/2-inch d by 13-1/2-inch h, wt: 10-1/2-pound
  • Size: 35-Gallon