Beechwood Folding Bed

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Product: Beechwood Folding Bed
Retailer: Manufactum

Solid beechwood frame, untreated. Bed and carrier bag of linen flax (weight 720 g/sq.m.) with sisal rope.

An unusually comfortable camp bed.

Many of you will remember miserable nights spent as children on sagging camp beds, lumpy air mattresses and suchlike. No more. This bed was designed by a Danish technical college director in 1962 for a specific reason: to enable his son to rest comfortably on a camping holiday to which he had been sent for health reasons. It really is as comfortable as a proper bed – and is really easy to assemble and set up, and later to take apart and roll up in a small space to pack into the carrier bag provided or in a corner of your box-room at home. Easy to transport, and made of strong, beautifully finished materials – solid beech-wood and thick linen flax.