Bathrooms: Simply Add Water

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Product: Bathrooms: Simply Add Water
Retailer: Amazon
Designer: Terence Conran

Bathrooms: Simply Add Water [Paperback] – Terence Conran (Author)

World-famous and bestselling design expert Terence Conran provides a comprehensive guide to creating or revamping a bathroom, along with a discussion of this small room’s expanding role as the ultimate refuge from the stresses of everyday life. He offers a full range of options for planning, design, and decoration, along with plenty of inspiration and advice on how to integrate the many practical, decorative, structural, and technological elements needed to create a bathing sanctuary. Such crucial issues as waterproofing, heating, and lighting receive in-depth attention, and there’s also a detailed guide to fittings and fixtures, all well-illustrated. Large and lush photographs throughout featuring everything from bathroom pods to lavish spas will feed the home decorator’s imagination.