Automatic Composter

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Product: Automatic Composter
Retailer: Uncommon Goods

Cultivate your urban (or suburban) garden with ease using the Automatic Composter, a smart device which fits right under your kitchen sink or next to your trash, for easy discarding and processing. Simple instructions explain which foods can go in, which should be avoided and helpful ratios for compost that's just right. Every two weeks, depending on usage, a light will signal the arrival of a fresh new batch, which you can then use in your potted or outdoor plants. Capacity of 120 lbs of organic waste per month. Stainless steel internal components. Includes 4 lbs. sawdust pellets, 2 oz. baking soda, power cord, instruction manual and quick guide. Made in the USA.

  • Item ID: 20188
  • Materials: electrical wiring, stainless steel, recycled polypropylene
  • Plug into a standard power outlet.