Artists’ Houses

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Product: Artists’ Houses
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Artists’ Houses [Hardcover] – Gerard-Georges Lemaire (Author)

In Artists’ Houses, historian and art critic Gerard-Georges Lemaire has compiled and written a informed and informative work that blends art history, interior design, and biographical sketches of fourteen fascinating artists from Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, and America. The reader is treated to a kind of survey of the private homes of these extraordinary men and women who put as much care and creativity into the design and furbishing of their homes and gardens as they did their paintings. The artists featured include Andre Derain, Frantisek Bilek, Frederic Church, Alphonse Mucha, Rene Magreitte, Rosa Bonheur, Gustave Moreau, William Morris, Gabrielle Munter, James Ensor, Claude Money, Alfred Kubin, Giorgio De Chirico, and the members of the Bloomsbury Group. The fascinating text is wonderfully illustrated throughout with the impressively visual photography of Jean-Claude Amiel. Enhanced with the inclusion of a House Directory and a Bibliography, Artists’ Houses is an strongly recommended addition to academic library Art History collections — and would make a superb Memorial Fund Acquisition choice community libraries as well.